220002, Minsk, str. Kropotkin, 76

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City Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases

(+375 17)-334-14-52 (inquiry office)

(+375 17)-334-14-33 (admission department)

«Горячая» телефонная линия

тел. (+375 17) 334-14-43
с 8.30 до 12.00 и с 12.30 до 16.30.

в другое время
тел. (+375 17) 334-14-33


«Горячая» телефонная линия Министерства здравоохранения

тел. (+375 17)  222-70-80 ежедневно с 9.30 до 17.30, кроме выходных и праздничных дней, (обед 13.00-14.00)


Organization of the diagnosis and treatment of adults with infectious and parasitic diseases, including HIV-infected individuals in the stages of pre-AIDS and AIDS; medical examination of patients with chronic hepatitis and HIV-positive persons, counseling patients on infectious and parasitic diseases; the provision of emergency and urgent therapeutic care for patients.

"Hotline" of Health Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee (017 396 45 65) arranged to receive anonymous complaints about existing cases of corruption offenses in the committee and its subordinate organizations. Telephone operating mode – answering machine mode, round the clock.

Our address:

220002, Minsk,

str. Kropotkin, 76


(+375 17) 334-14-43